Peck into The Stars with our exclusive Horoscope Mugs

Peck into the stars with our exclusive line of horoscope mugs!

Whether you’re a feisty Aries or a balanced Libra, start your morning with a cluck and a cup of cosmic energy.

Sip your favorite brew from these zodiac-inspired mugs while tending to your coop.

Let the universe guide you through your day, one coffee sip at a time. Find your sign, or gift one to your favorite chicken-loving astrologer!


See a Selection of Horoscope Mugs below:

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The image shows a person holding a white mug with a printed text that says, "I'M A Capricorn THAT'S MY DEFENSE" along with the symbol for Capricorn. The text uses different colors and fonts to emphasize the words and add a playful touch to the design. It appears to be a personal item, likely a novelty or a horoscope-themed mug, that reflects a sense of humor or pride in one's astrological sign.









Capricorn That’s My Defense-White Mug              I’m A Capricorn – Black Mug










Aquarius That’s My Defense-White Mug                  I’m An Aquarius – Black Mug










  Pisces That’s My Defense-White Mug                           I’m A Pisces – Black Mug










  Aries That’s My Defense-White Mug                             I’m An Aries – Black Mug


Horoscope Mugs - Taurus

"A black mug with the phrase 'I'm a Taurus, that's my defense' and the Taurus astrological symbol, held by a person."



  Taurus That’s My Defense-White Mug                        I’m A Taurus – Black Mug   



Horoscope Mugs - Gemini









  Gemini That’s My Defense-White Mug                        I’m A Gemini Black Mug


Horoscope Mugs - Cancer









I’m A Cancer That’s My Defense                                      I’m A Cancer – Black Mug


Horoscope Mugs - Leo









I‘m A Leo That’s My Defense                                                    Leo – Black Mug


Horoscope mugs - the image displays a white mug with the text "I'M A Libra THAT'S MY DEFENSE" printed on it. Above the word "Libra," there is an icon representing the Libra zodiac sign, featuring the traditional scales in a gradient of pastel colors. The mug is nestled between what appears to be a pair of cozy knitted winter gloves with snowflake decorations, against a cable-knit sweater background, giving off a warm, comfortable vibe. This mug would likely appeal to those who enjoy expressing their zodiac pride, especially Libras, and it fits nicely into a cozy, seasonal setting.









I’m A Libra That’s My Defense                                       I’m A Libra – Black Mug


Horoscope Mugs Virgo









I’m A Virgo That’s My Defense                                             I’m A Virgo – Black Mug



Horoscope Mugs - Scorpio









I’m A Scorpio That’s My Defense                                   I’m A Scorpio – Black Mug


Horoscope Mugs - Sagittarius









I’m A Sagittarius That’s My Defense                           I’m A Sagittarius – Black Mug



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