Araucana Chickens

Araucana Chickens

How To Care For Your Araucana Chicken – Tips And Tricks

There’s something special about raising Araucana chickens in your backyard. These unique birds, known for their blue eggs and quirky tufts of feathers on their cheeks, require specific care to thrive. From providing the right diet and nutrition to ensuring they have a safe and secure coop, there are several key tips and tricks to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll explore imperative care routines and best practices for raising happy and healthy Araucana chickens in your own backyard.

Key Takeaways:

Lavender Araucana pullet standing on dirt with scattered autumn leaves"
Lavender Araucana pullet blending with autumn leaves”
  • Provide adequate shelter: Ensure your Araucana chickens have a safe and secure coop with plenty of ventilation and protection from predators.
  • Feed a balanced diet: Give your chickens a diet that includes a mix of grains, greens, and protein to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Monitor their health: Regularly check for signs of illness, and consult a vet if you notice any unusual behavior or symptoms.
  • Provide ample water: Always make sure your Araucana chickens have access to fresh, clean water to stay hydrated.
  • Regularly clean their living space: Keep the coop clean by removing droppings and replacing bedding to prevent disease and maintain a comfortable environment for your Araucana chickens.

Setting Up the Perfect Home

Coop Comforts: Space and Safety

Some vital aspects to consider when setting up the perfect home for your Araucana chicken are space and safety. For their coop, ensure there is ample room for each chicken to move around comfortably. Additionally, prioritize safety by securing the coop with sturdy materials and predator-proof locks.

The Great Outdoors: Fencing and Foraging

The Great Outdoors: Fencing and Foraging are crucial for the well-being of your Araucana chickens. The fencing around their outdoor area should be tall and secure to prevent predators from entering. Providing opportunities for foraging not only keeps them entertained but also helps supplement their diet with fresh greens and insects.

Another important aspect to consider when allowing your Araucana chickens to roam outdoors is monitoring their environment for any potential hazards. Regularly inspect the fencing for weak spots that could be compromised by predators and remove any toxic plants from their foraging area to keep them safe and healthy.

Nutrition and Diet

What’s on the Menu? Feed and Treats

Two Lavender Araucana roosters with a hen scratching and eating scratch mix grains on the ground"
Beautiful mauve/lavender Lavender Araucanas enjoying scratch mix grains on a sunny day. Pics on this page courtesy of Kim’s Kluckers 2

If you want your Araucana chickens to thrive, providing them with a balanced diet is necessary.

Whats on the menu for your Araucana chickens? These lovely birds thrive on a diet of high-quality poultry feed that is specifically formulated for laying hens. You can also supplement their diet with healthy treats such as fruits, vegetables, and mealworms, but make sure treats make up only a small portion of their overall diet.

Hydration Station: Water Access Tips

For your Araucana chickens to stay healthy and happy, ensuring they have constant access to clean water is crucial.

For hydration station tips, make sure to place the water containers in a shaded area to prevent overheating and evaporation. Use clean containers that are free from algae or dirt buildup, and check them regularly to ensure they are filled with fresh water.


  • Provide fresh water daily
  • Keep water containers clean
  • Place water in shaded area

Thou Araucana chickens are particularly sensitive to dehydration, so proper hydration is key to their well-being.

Araucana chickens have their own preferences when it comes to water, so they may prefer a shallow dish or waterer rather than a deep container. It’s important to observe your chickens and provide water in a way that suits their needs best. Ensuring they have easy access to water will keep them happy and healthy.


About their Blue Eggs

Araucanas lay blue eggs due to a genetic trait that causes the deposition of a blue pigment called biliverdin during the formation of the eggshell. This trait is unique to a few breeds and is inherited, meaning it’s passed from parent chickens to their offspring.

As for the productivity of Araucanas, they are considered moderate layers. Typically, they lay about 3 to 5 eggs per week, which adds up to around 150-200 eggs per year. The exact number can vary based on factors like the hen’s health, diet, and environment.


Health and Wellness of Araucana Chickens

Regular Check-Ups and Common Ailments

For optimal health, regular check-ups with a poultry veterinarian are vital for your Araucana chicken. These professionals can help diagnose and treat common ailments that may affect your flock, such as respiratory infections, mites, or internal parasites. Additionally, keeping an eye on your chickens’ behavior and appearance can help you catch any health concerns early.

A Lavender Araucana chicken standing in a pen with wood shavings on the ground.
Elegance in Earth Tones: A Lavender Araucana Chicken.

Grooming and Feather Care

Care for your Araucana chicken’s grooming and feather care by regularly checking for any signs of mites or lice. These pests can cause discomfort and health issues for your chickens if left untreated. Regular grooming and feather care can also help prevent matting or tangled feathers, ensuring your chickens look and feel their best.

Grooming your Araucana chicken involves inspecting their feathers for any abnormalities, trimming overgrown nails, and maintaining their beak length. Incorporating grooming into your routine can help promote good hygiene and overall well-being for your feathered friends.

Social Life and Behavior of Araucana Chickens

Playtime and Interaction: Keeping Your Araucana Happy

Keep your Araucana chicken happy by providing regular playtime and interaction. These curious and social birds enjoy exploring their surroundings and engaging with their owners. Spend time with your Araucana, offering treats, and creating enriching environments for them to thrive in. This will help strengthen your bond with your feathered friend and ensure they are mentally stimulated and content.

Living with the Flock: Social Dynamics

One of the most fascinating aspects of keeping Araucana chickens is observing their social dynamics within the flock. These birds have a hierarchical structure where they establish pecking orders. Ensuring a harmonious living environment is crucial to prevent any aggressive behavior. Introduce new members to the flock gradually and provide enough space and resources for every chicken to feel secure.

Behavior: Araucana chickens are known for their inquisitive and friendly nature. They can also exhibit territorial behavior, especially during breeding season. It is important to monitor their interactions closely to prevent any bullying or aggression among flock members. Providing a balanced diet, ample space, and enriching activities will help maintain a positive social atmosphere within the flock.

A Lavender Araucana hen looking up while standing in a leaf-strewn enclosure.
“Curiosity in the Coop: A Lavender Araucana Hen Amidst Autumn Leaves.”

FAQ’s on Araucana Chickens

Q: What should I feed my Araucana chickens?

A: Araucana chickens should be fed a balanced diet of chicken feed that is specifically formulated for laying hens. You can also supplement their diet with fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Q: How much space do Araucana chickens need?

A: Araucana chickens are active birds and will need plenty of space to roam. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least 4 square feet of coop space per chicken, and at least 10 square feet of outdoor space per chicken.

Q: How often should I clean the coop?

A: It is important to regularly clean the coop to keep your Araucana chickens healthy. Depending on the size of your flock, you may need to clean the coop once a week or more frequently if necessary.

Q: Do Araucana chickens need special care for their unique colored eggs?

A: Araucana chickens are known for laying blue or green eggs, which is a unique trait. While the color of the eggs is different, they do not require any special care compared to regular eggs. Just make sure to handle them gently to avoid cracking.

Q: How can I keep my Araucana chickens safe from predators?

A: To keep your Araucana chickens safe from predators, make sure their coop is secure with sturdy fencing and locks. You can also install motion-activated lights or alarms to deter predators. Additionally, consider getting a guard dog or using natural deterrents like predator urine around the coop.


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